People love their problems. Taking the problems away from a person can be very dramatic – not only because they identify themselves through their problems, but perhaps more importantly, because they have developed a set of tools and habits to deal with those problems. By removing the problems, the tools become meaningless and the person […]

When we wish to enact change within ourselves with the goal of becoming a better person and evolving as a human being, we will inevitably arrive at a realization of an internal disconnect between what we would like to see as our ideal self and what and the reality of our being is – often […]

“Keep it Simple, Stupid. Don’t you really love to hear it? K.I.S.S. To me, that often leads to L.O.V.E. – Leave Out Virtually Everything – so that you’re not allowed to be creative or to add something to the bands music because you’re the lowly drummer – the lowly timekeeper. Seems to me what we […]